Hill recognized for support of online learning

Members of Washington state’s Digital Public School Alliance, who gathered today at the state Capitol to lobby on behalf of online public schools, honored state Sen. Andy Hill with their “Pioneer Award” for his work on behalf of digital schools.

The alliance is made up of parents of children who attend digital public schools on a full- and part-time basis.

“These parents have shown great dedication to their children’s education by coming to Olympia to share their stories and concerns, as well as embracing innovative learning opportunities,” said Hill. “Some students, for a variety of reasons, thrive in a digital-learning environment in a way they could not in what we think of as a ‘traditional’ school. I look forward to continue working to make sure those opportunities remain available and productive.”

Digital public-school student and 45th Legislative District resident Grace Churchill, who was in Olympia with her mother Nancy, presented Hill with the award in the Capitol Rotunda as members of the alliance gathered before going to meet with legislators.

“Having spent a great deal of time in the technology sector and volunteering in schools, I’ve seen firsthand the opportunities for integrating advanced technology into our education system,” Hill continued. “Our digital public-school program is an incredibly important component of Washington’s overall education system; I’ll be looking to expand and strengthen it in the future.”